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GDMX Syndication.
Seamless distribution — 52 weeks a year.

GDMX Syndication is the largest independent provider of broadcast syndication delivery services in North America. As a trusted partner of studios, independent syndicators and producers for over 20 years, we understand the challenges of distributing programming 52 weeks a year.

Our advanced systems provide the ability to deliver HD and SD in a single stream, and with that an unmatched opportunity for clients to make the most of the changing digital media landscape.

With industry expertise, personal customer service, and the convenience of facilities on both coasts, GDMX Syndication provides flexible, secure, and reliable delivery to your stations, whenever and wherever you need them.

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  • Closed Captioning Creation
  • Programming Client Portal
  • Commercial Integration
  • Satellite delivery (HD & SD)
  • Content and Technical QC
  • Station Communication Services
  • Digital Linear Satellite Delivery
  • Station Format Creation and Distribution
  • Encoding: NAVE, V-Chip and CC
  • Station Relations
  • File Based Delivery
  • Tape Delivery
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who we work with

Our many syndication services have helped studios, independent syndicators and producers operate seamlessly for over 20 years. Some of our partners include:

Associated Television International
Connection III Entertainment Corp.
Trifecta Entertainment & Media

got questions? we have answers.

How do I find the contact person for my show?
Just click on the “programming” link on the main menu at the top of the page. A complete list of programs will appear. Find the program you want, click on it, and the contact person will be listed at the end of the program information page.
How do I get technical support?

You can get technical support by submitting a ticket request via the “support” link on the main menu at the top of this website. A “ticket” is simply a request for help or information.

If you are already a client, just log in and fill in the form with your question or concern and then submit it. We’ll get back to you shortly.

If you are not a client, just send us an email through our Contact Us page, or call one of the Key Contacts listed on our Contact Us page. We’ll be glad to help!

How do I order a tape?
Just click on the “support” link on the main menu at the top of the page. Next, sign in and submit a ticket requesting a tape of any of our programs.

Another way to order tapes is to go to the “Programming” tab, and click on the show you want to order. At the bottom of each program page is the contact info for that program, including name, phone number and email. Simply submit an email to the contact person telling them you’d like to order a tape for that show. They’ll get right back to you! 
Where can I find format sheets?

Click on the “programming” link on the main menu at the top of any page to get a list of our programs. Then click on the program you are interested in. Each individual program page has all the information you’ll need about that show, including format sheets, season information, air schedules and the name and phone number of a show coordinator that can help you your inquiry. 

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